Jun 22

Planning a Family Reunion Party

Family reunion is the most appropriate arena to collect the large family that had been scattered in various cities. Unfortunately, it was planned long ago, a family reunion did not go smoothly as expected. Whether the event is organized less attractive, less the amount of food served or even coming to the event is very little not as envisaged in campus events. Sad right …?

Well, so it also does not happen to you. Hopefully the following tips can help:

Form a small committee together with other family members such as the Event Organizer. Make a list of family members to invite. Including a spouse, fiance, their children and others who would they invite. For example, their nanny or housekeeper

Begin search information about phone numbers, home addresses and e-mail address that you can contact. Ask other family members to help spread the reunion. Who knew there was another family who may not have been found on the guest list. If this information is scattered reunion, it will be easy for you to contact them. Who knew you needed enter or opinions of them.

Select the day and date of the event. It would be nice if the reunion is done when the kids off from school or on weekends, so families who are out of town to come.

Select the location of the event. If your house is not large enough to accommodate the entire family, you should select a place in the middle of town. even better if the site provides a location for an outdoor party with a playground for the kids, so you can organize music art events, art performances, live music and even your company’s product launch though: p.

Determine the budget as I said above you will act like a real EO services. It is important to determine the amount of money that donations be given by the family to invite. Because the funds usually can be reunited in a joint venture of the money from all family members who participated. Unless you make this event with your own funds.

Plan a menu that will be served. Remember, that will come on the show is not only adults but also their children. If necessary, serve your favorite foods into your family pride.

Plan your event in detail. Suppose, there is a music concert entertainment, life music, traditional & modern dance or games will be held with prizes for the children. Do not forget to also provide a photographer to immortalize your family reunion.

Note: The ideal family reunions are held every five years. Because, usually during the time interval has been present a new family member. Eg marriage or birth. The last alternative if you find it difficult to use the services or Event Planner Event Organizer.