Jun 22

Souvenir and their position in Wedding Planning

A wedding gift is a small gift given to guests as a gesture wedding invitations (symbol) or a souvenir to show the gratitude of the wedding couple and their families.

A wedding souvenir is not much different from birthday gift, can be a wooden craft or item that we use everyday to the craft that can not be found on the services of a wedding or corporate souvenir makers craft in general. It depends on the tastes of the couple (and family) in your selection.

The tradition of giving wedding souvenir is a tradition that has long done, not only in Indonesia but all over the world. Regardless of race, ethnicity and culture, a wedding has become the essence of the important events that just this once in a lifetime.

Although a wedding gift can be categorized as minor, but by no means be overlooked in the wedding package. In fact, already mandatory tedaftar wedding gift wedding planning on the agenda of each pair of bride and groom as a wedding gift.