Jun 22

Tips for Choosing a Wedding Dress

Marriage is a very sacred ritual process and privacy, and therefore required preparation for the succeed. One of them in choosing a dress / bridal kebaya. Clothing for a wedding ceremony or reception need to be prepared well before the big day so that the implementation can perform as expected. There are a few tips that can be followed from several sources relating to the selection of wedding dress.

Before determining the choice of wedding dress should be

Consult with your family before choosing the right outfit at the time of the contract and your wedding party (eg, model kebaya, whether it is wearing traditional kebaya or kebaya modern.
Choose a custom wedding dress or the style that fits.
If you are going to buy make sure the model, color and size according to both partners.
If you want to create your own, make reservations well in advance dress before your event takes place.
Make sure the clothes fitting clothes just before you use to avoid changes in body shape or weight measurement error.
If funds are limited, you can rent a wedding dress rather than buy new ones because the traditional bridal dress is usually only be used once and can not be used in everyday life.
Consultation with the wedding organizer or people who have competence in that field.
Choose your wardrobe / wedding dress that has a color that makes you and your partner seem authoritative. Course tailored to your bridal makeup.