Tips Choosing Jacket For Riding a Motorcycle

Wearing a jacket while riding a motorcycle is highly recommended. In addition to protecting the body from the wind and the dust jacket can also be used to style. Some people call this motorcycle jacket. Nice jacket design which will add to your confidence when driving.

But should choose a jacket that is comfortable and safe in accordance with weather conditions and needs. For that there are few things to consider in choosing a jacket or wear when riding a bike / motorcycle jackets to choose:

Leather jacket is perfect to wear either hot or cold weather, day or night. Properties in addition to strong leather jacket and do not penetrate the wind, also has good sweat absorption. In addition to comfortable and suitable for all weather, excess leather jacket is able to minimize and provide protection for the body from injury due to accidents. Another plus, the typical model of this jacket is not outdated. But the leather jacket also has weaknesses. Because it is made of leather, this jacket quickly then the model also cause a bad odor.

Then there is also a synthetic jacket. This jacket is made from a combination of leather and lubricant materials. The surplus is similar to a leather jacket, this jacket is not only suitable for use in the daytime, especially during the hot sun. Synthetic materials do not have sweat absorption. On the other hand, synthetic jacket is relatively easy to clean and properly worn at night.

Parachute or rain coats jacket has a water-resistant properties, ideal apply if rain or cold air. In addition to protecting the body from the water spray, parachute material and easily dibersikan odorless.

Jeans or denim jacket, both are also worn during the day (not too bright) and night. Have a thick knitted texture can reduce wind into the body. Despite fairly good sweat absorption, but the long dry when exposed to rain. When the force on a motorcycle to wear this jacket when it rains, then the body feels heavy. Because this type of jacket material can absorb enough water. The point of origin do not buy cheap jacket.

For safety, other things that also take into account is the ability of coat color to be visible to other motorists, especially at night or in dark situations (overcast / rain). If your jacket to the store / place to sell a jacket and want to buy it, it is recommended to choose a brightly colored, bright or model that can reflect light. The same is also recommended when wearing a raincoat. The point of origin do not buy cheap jacket.

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