How to Select a Good Tires

Problem tires on vehicles are also talking about life. Because our safety when driving a vehicle is determined by the condition of the tires. Furthermore it should be adjusted to the road conditions. For example, if the road is smooth, the tires should be used tire that has a “delicate flower”.

Why is that? Because the structure of rubber tires better traction on the asphalt is also better. In contrast to the rough and development software. If used for paved roads will quickly run out, but his voice was too loud.

As quoted in site, if you want to look for comfort, use the profile (aspect ratio) are thick (60, 65, 70). Meanwhile, if you wear a thin profile (50, 45, 35) the value of rest is also there, as well as control and better stability, in addition to Boil a dashing appearance.

But the minuses, slamming hard and steer wild controlled. On a bumpy road, the passenger and the driver will feel a strong vibration. If you want, so that the rim is not subject to collisions, search the walls swell up like a donut tire.

Similarly, when buying a tire, do not be tempted because the price is cheap tires. There is also a tire that had long kept until their expiry, when the palm is still intact. If the run is stored, tires may be hard and dry. Consequently fragile.

This is often caused when a tire exploded Boil Boil walk or overloaded. Special to ban the import, easily seen in the code in the walls. Namely, there is a cap DOT (Department of Transportation), tire size, production numbers, types, and the tire material.

DOT is an international standard, so that consumers get a guarantee. For example, DOT 185. Prefix denotes two weeks and one point behind the show year of manufacture. So, the tire was made in the weeks or months to 18 March 1995.

On the other hand, to see the tire wear, it’s easy. On the surface drainage grooves in the tire there is a sign of a bump as high as approximately 1.2 mm. His name TWI (Thread Wear Indicator). If the tire has been flat surface with this indicator, the tire should be replaced. How to measure the depth of fireworks can use a coin or ruler of flowers tucked in between the cracks or grooves.

Do not forget to check the size of the tire pressure when the tires cool. That’s important because the air pressure is vital in the control and influence the life of the tire. Do not trust to provide driving comfort, by reducing the pressure of the wind. We know that the tire is deflated shorten life, because sooner go bald.

Why fast tires bald? Because, the field of touch with the wider road surface becomes uneven wear and tear, especially on the shoulders of the tire. In addition, layers can be cut off from the rubber tire walls cracked, and the wasteful use of fuel so .

Vice versa, excess wind was not as good as the tires become hard. Even the tire’s ability to absorb shocks is reduced as well. In such conditions, Boil tend to slip sideways. Even the tires can break when clash. Other impacts of the center of the tire will wear faster than the shoulders.

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