Car Rental Tips

Tips on choosing a car rental services:

A. Choose a car rental company that provides various facilities, whether it got the information about the type of car hire, conditions and requirements. Now many car rental service companies have created a Web site, so that we can easily get information in detail. Study it carefully and choose what to believe.

2. A simple way of booking a car / easy, and quickly get a booking confirmation.

3. Check whether the car rental companies provide shuttle service to the car where you stay for free.

4. Is car rental rates are offered competitive and make sure there are no hidden cost.

5. Rent system has to offer whether it provides additional benefits to suit your needs.

6. Make sure the type of car you rent ready delivered on time as per your request.

7. Check the physical condition of the car as carefully as the official handover of the car rental services. If physical conditions do not feel safe and comfortable, ask immediately replaced by another.

8. Read carefully the lease rent. If there is a condition that was aggravating to get information in detail until you understand well.

9. Ask for a phone number you can call in case of problems / emergencies.

10. Before you drive yourself, check the condition of car fuel, wind conditions at the tires including the spare tire. If fuel is low, ask the rental car attendant where the nearest gas station.

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