Tires Caring For Durability

Here are some tips for caring for tires:

Check your tire pressure regularly and physical condition.

When using standard motorcycle parked in the middle to relieve pressure on the tire at the same position in a long time.

Avoid contamination with fluids that destroy the chemical, oil and gasoline immediately wash with soap and water if exposed to liquid.

Avoid contact with the rays of the sun with a long time since the rubber tire will make the characters change.

For safety, replace the tire that had crossed the line TWI.

How to install the tires are good and true

The tires installed there are some things to watch out for the safety of motorists and the durability of the tire include:

Use equipment that does not damage the tire or rim.

Make sure the wheel rim parallel to the line when it is attached.

Make sure the rotary direction in accordance with the instructions.

Check the air pressure to conform to standardnya.

Adjust the size of the tire against the outer tire.

Make sure no foreign objects such as sharp gravel, glass or a nail in the tire.

Always use rim tape to protect the inner tube from puncture spoke alloy wheels.

Make sure that the tire valve position in accordance with the sign of the position indicated on the tire valve.

Tighten the nuts in the tire as needed.

After replacing the rear tires straight position in order to align the front tires to avoid rocking.

After the tire mounted brake lever pull a few times until it feels especially brake hydraulic brake pressure is back to normal to avoid the occurrence of brake tension.

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