Before Modifying Your Motor

This makes the two-wheeled vehicles always look beautiful is one of the obsession that is often found among the riders. Various modifications were made to the way not only to boost the looks, but also has a uniqueness that makes it different from other types of motors.

Modification of the motor itself trends change every year. And just as trends in fashion, underwent several modifications to the style of a recurring cycle again at a time. However, in addition to following the current trend, it is better to modify the motor according to the character and the hobby itself.

That’s what needs to be considered first before dressing the motor, so it will be easier to determine which type of accessories will be added or replaced on your motor body. Flow style modifications that can be selected motors are very diverse, such as classic, custom, racing, touring, and much more. Before doing so, you can create an image of the first modifications to facilitate the process of further modification.

For example, if happy with the classic smell, add a windshield, whitestripe on the tires, as well as a few large mirror size will give the impression of a more condensed classics. Another case for those who enjoy touring to various places, dress the bike fit the needs of a hobby is a must. You can make modifications to the seat. For example by adding a box in the back seat or put it on the left and right motor.

Large box of this box was varied, there is 28 liters, 33 liters, and so on. Meanwhile, if placed on the side of the motor typically uses 21 liter sizes. On the other hand, others do modifications to the tank by using the fairing so that thicken the impression of motor racing, in accordance with the obsession of the owner.

Still around the body, common modifications done on the handlebar, adding airbrush to give a unique touch to the bike, motorcycle seat until the election. To the wheel, wheel motif can be replaced in accordance with the chosen style modifications rider.

Furthermore you can also make modifications to the tire. For example, on a touring bike would be better to use large-sized tires that provide more comfort for long distance driving, with a pattern of a tire that has tread the better. Now, what style you want to use to dress the motor?

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