Caring for Leather Bag

Bag of skin is usually more durable material. Moreover equate leather bag with a very fine lady handbags are on sale and selling branded bags, will be the special collections such as bags and bags kw 1 kw. However, what a pity if you do not treat her right, because you feel they are very easy to get a bag with an online shopping bag or handbag wholesaler online. Leather bag quite expensive it would not seem special anymore. Not infrequently the white spots appear because the bags are stored in a moist longer. Therefore in order to bag your skin still looks new and durable, there are a few tips that you can do:

– Avoid direct contact with sunlight for a long time. Exposure to sunlight can damage the skin surface, such as cracked or looks like a crack.

– Avoid water. If not get wet, immediately dry with a dry cloth and gently textured.

– Keep a bag that is not used in the storage bag (dust bag). If the bag is not used again in a relatively long time, and these bags can be removed from its packaging and aerated.

– Never store leather bag adjacent or attached to the plastic bag. Because plastic bags can absorb color dyes on the skin. It may cause skin bag that looks like stained exposed to the fungus.

– If the bag is stored in a closet, use anti-moist products such as camphor or silica gel can be purchased at pharmacies. Put it in your leather bag that is not moldy.

– If your leather bag already moldy, do not panic. Mushrooms can be removed by scrubbing with a soft textured cloth. If the white patches were found inside the bag, wipe with a soft brush and then wipe with a dry cloth. Use a special soap skin (saddle soap) or a special cleaning cream to the skin, they can be obtained at the supermarket. In order to finish, rub with a soft cloth.

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