Antique Furniture Tips to Beautify Opaque and dull

Do not be surprised if many of today’s offerings to enhance your furniture made of rattan furniture or rattan furniture, teak furniture, wood furniture, teak furniture, wood furniture such as antique chairs, antique tables, antique dressers and other ornaments made of materials such as dark danish teak wood furniture and furniture. If it is ingested with the age, the furniture will rot and pliturnya be blurry.

To overcome this pick shelled hazelnuts that have been roughly a quarter of a kilogram and then mash until smooth. Wrap the already delicate hazelnut powder on a clean piece of patchwork, massage-pijitlah moment that hazelnut oil hazelnut parcel appearing on the pore surface of the fabric is.
Use oils that have been out of the pores of the cloth to rub antique chair or table that pliturannya faded, undoubtedly pliturannya be shiny and bright as new as the company’s goods exports – exports of furniture or furniture export. Let stand just until dry and absorbs hazelnut oil and to produce a good plituran.

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