Tips and Tricks Make Recording Studio

Create a recording studio does not have to use an expensive recording technology. There is a tip trick to make a simple recording studio with the recording quality is not inferior to the service of music and digital recording studio tech.
We will share the experience for you who want to build a music recording studio is simple with relatively cheaper cost but produce quality sound recording and music recording studio with digital recording with today’s sophisticated technology.

Equipment needed to build a recording studio audio and audio, among others:
1 Unit Computer with specs: – Pentium III or AMD Duron 1.2-GB Minimum memory 128 MB, 30 GB 7200 RPM hard drive, CDRW (if mo later for the master copy to a CD track or MP3) – Digital Multitrack Software (Cool Edit Pro 2.0 , Cakewalk, or other)

2 (two) full duplexSound sound card is functioning replacement card converter (MOTU, AARK, EW88MT) that it’s so expensive. We use 2 sound card in order that later we can work more efficiently, due to the presence of 2 sound card we can directly record the “teak” 2 instruments at the same time on a different track in software digital multitracks (cool edit pro)

1 Unit MixerMixer we use are made by Behringer digital mixer with a series UB1832FX-PRO, Behringer mixer which has many facilities that you can see here. Facilities UB1832FX-PRO Behringer mixer is Ultra low noise mic pre-amp, 24-bit digital stereo FX processor with 99 presets Including reverb, delay, chorus, compressor, tube distortion, vinylizer and more plus 1 kHz test tone, Breathtaking 3D stereo surround effect for more vitality and enhanced stereo image, Effective, extremely musical 3-band EQ with semi-parametric mid band plus switchable low-cut filter on, six new state-of-the-art, studio-grade IMP “Invisible”, and others.

Mic drum mics DrumsKami choose brands YOGA because in terms of a relatively cheap price compared to others, the quality is not inferior to other brands. If mo pengiritan pake condensing mic again and can be purchased at electronic stores nearby, but for the quality is not good and can be fixed later in the digital multi-track software or the software soundforge.
TapeBerfungsi as a sound engineer monitor and guide the player. We use SONY HIFI tape type FH-515R. Indeed, according to the theory of recording should use a monitor that costs a flat place for up to 6 million more, but forget the past that this is because the discussion here is limited to simple inexpensive nan, ….. hehehehe.

Cables and wires jackPemilihan a good try, because the recording quality is specified here. You can buy the cable or jack in stores or electronic music in your town. HeadphoneDigunakan for the player in particular who was a recording studio or sound for engineernya. Other lainApa again yes, ….. I think this just once. Later if there is more info we input here. If all the above can not be fulfilled so mild wrote in the studio recording live 51 paris grab a package which, let me not joking hehehehehe sorry stress.

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