Tips & Tricks to design / screenprinting shirt Distro

These few tips may aja … and there may be a pastime for gentlemen bro2 ngedesain / screen printing their own shirts and sold he2 remedy … using digital printing.

One thing is for sure, should be simple
This became a major grip in the manufacture of clothing design today. Making simple clothes that will save costs and certainly fit the philosophy will be more expensive initially. While it may influence the minimalist design played a part in it.

Start with the game layout font in menyablon wedding gift, key chain or T-shirt

game font is the easiest way to get a basic feel of a simple design clothes but still inline with the spirit first, the simplicity.
a sans serif font like Arial or Helvetica better as good enough to be used as the main focus in the design of the base font layout. If you want more advanced, you can change the color becomes more attractive, for example with the red or the other, and if not, can you design a little tear that looks worn effect, or such as screen printing products that have been peeled

Add sweetener in the form of images
Because the design of clothes at first usually use screen printing techniques, it is usually difficult to design with gradations done, because that is emerging design flow using trace techniques and contrast black and white, how to get this effect is simple, usually I’ll start with the Photoshop program. Photoshop is very helpful for setting up the contrast of black and white so it will be easier for the programmed trace bitmap to vector converter, such as Corel Trace.

Use a high quality screen printing equipment
use a high quality screen printing to get the best results for your clothes, of course, the tool – the tool can be purchased at the store percetakan.sering-often ask experts such as printing services, screen printing services, screen printing or silk-screening shop as well.

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