Tips on Choosing a Good Kitchen Knife, Good & Sharp

Tips on Choosing a Good Kitchen Knife, Good & Sharp

My Secret Kitchen – Tips on Choosing a Kitchen Knife Good, Good & Sharp – Having a sharp kitchen, and durable it will facilitate you in cooking. Now is a lot of kinds and types of Kitchen Knives in accordance with the use. For example, Knives for Meat certainly different from knives for slicing fruit peel. In buying a knife of course you should not choose wrong. Not only must be sharp, but also must know what type you need in your kitchen.

Buy a complete set of kitchen knives. This is the easiest way. In this way you will get the size of the kitchen in the amount and type complete with the container. The number and type is fixed, buyers can not choose certain types only. But there are times when you just need a certain type for a particular purpose. And so see the following.

Tips on Choosing a Good Kitchen Knife, Good & Sharp Based on Type

Length about 8 inches wide and 1 ½ inches. This knife will be used on almost all work in the kitchen like cutting or slicing vegetables, cutting meat and others.

Fillet knife (filleting knife)

Its length is about 4 to 6 inches. This knife is very sharp, thin and flexible. Usually used to cut thinly poultry or fish that are not boned.

Knife paring (paring knife)

It’s about 4 inches long. The shape is small like a triangle. This type is important if you have a complicated job and need to be as thorough as peeling thin peels of fruit and vegetables, splitting oranges, or cleaning shrimp.

Cleaver (big knife or machete)

Usually the length is 6 – 8 inches wide and 3 inches. Cleaver is important if you cook meat at home, of course with this knife will make it easier for you.

Tips on How To Choose A Good Kitchen Knife, Good & Sharp Based Material
Knife-making materials vary from steel, ceramics and plastics. A good knife is made of steel or a mixture of steel, for example high carbon stainless steel. This knife is sharp but not rusty. The only stainless steel kitchen knife is able to withstand corrosion but is less sharp.

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It’s also a good idea you can try it first before buying. Unless you shop online. Though not quality selemanya is expensive, but usually the price is not lying. Because it reflects the product quality of goods.

In order for your blade to last, you must also take care of it. Well how to take care of him, the first honed. Flesh blades are faster blunt than a vegetable / fruit knife. If every day is used with high volume, the meat knife needs to be sharpened every 2-3 days while the vegetable knife / fruit is 2-3 weeks.

To wet can with a grindstone or with steel. Furthermore, if the blade is not used for long periods, after sharpened and washed clean should be wiped until dried and diolesin thin cooking oil. Absorb the excess oil with a tissue or a cloth. Wrap the blade with papertowel, keep it in a safe place. For everyday storage simply washed with soapy water after each use and immediately dry with a cloth.

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