How to choose and buy component cables for your audio?

Cable more expensive the better sound system / sound system you?
All the same cable, does not affect the sound quality of audio / video?

On one occasion I met a businessman who happened to be an audiophile. Pas chat – I asked him casually talking about the audio cable. According to him: The cable selected is a well-known brand and the more expensive the better.

On another occasion I met an audiophile who believes that the influence of the cable is not much affect the quality of sound and color at an audio video system.

Let us describe the strategy is a powerful strategy in selecting and buying a cable (set your sound system).

A. Analyze your taste

Begin to analyze what you want. What is your musical taste (depending on the needs of your band)? How does the color you want to hear the music? sweet? warm? soft? dynamic? natural? Vocal sounds that seem more advanced? Sound Stage is the width? Treble is open? Be – careful with the term – the term above. Sometimes the terms mentioned above can easily be twisted such that the open treble in a sound termed a light or sound stage forward in termed a strike vote.
Entrusting your taste in your own hands. Make brief notes from a list of your favorite songs. Then make a list of your expectations for example: I want to hear the cello a airy, woody and thick, I want to get a sound stage a live show from the Jazz Club and so on.
We call this table the table tastes and expectations.

2. Konponen character analysis and harmonize with your cable (Musical Instruments)

Once you’ve detailed one by one taste and you hope (music entertainment). Now when you record the character of its components you have.
There are some simple guidelines for this:
· Thorough mass spec output and input your components. Make brief notes. This table we call input-output tables.
· Listen carefully – both the character of each component that you have by using the supplied cable. Start with an audio speaker. Make brief notes. This table is what we call the component character table.
· After that create a change table. Character CD: less treble open> open and smooth treble and so on. This table is what we call a change table.

3. Analyze your hearing room and harmonize with your cable
What about the room you hear? Wide or narrow? berakustik good or sober?
Cabling: regular or irregular? Did you plug the cable through an electrical field or not and the other is no less important is the position of the sound system and your sitting position and length of cable required. Make brief notes. This table we call the hearing room table.


you try to consult with the sound system rental service, rental sound system (sound system rental services), it is useful to you, so you do not buy the wrong cable, and you either buy memugkinkan sound system wires or cables for lighting at the event to be you make.

After summarizing all the problems with the hearing room, the existing system and you taste it now when you decide that the cable is suitable for you.

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