tips on buying toys for children / educative toys

Here are tips on buying toys for children / toys eduaktif:

Children toys / educational children should be used. Given that many occur in the parents do not buy age-appropriate toys anak.pastikan when we buy toys for children to see how many years, the toy is dipe untukkan do not hesitate to ask the owner or keeper toy store / toy store online (toys)
parents must be observant to adjust the toy to the child’s interest. Leli * confirms that the toy should support the development of the child, that becomes something that is not worth it will be in vain. (You must know your child’s hobby with jelly or not in accordance with his toys hobbies)
Related to the child’s interest, then the toy baby / child should be able to give satisfaction to the child emotionally.
Then the toy should also be adjusted to the available budget. Locally-made toys can be an option, in addition to imported toys. eg: toy cars, toy robot, lego toys, etc..
Importantly, the toy must be considered its security side. For example, te toys made ​​from wood, then make sure and materials do not contain harmful chemicals. like a child’s development after the toys have, at least you should be smart – smart to choose and have to find out whether the game can disturb the child’s development.
Children also need to tidy up his toys himself taught since the age of two years. If there are no special shelves for toys, parents can provide a box or a box ..
That buy toys and toys with a value should be treated. could have been, the old toys in the store are useful for the donated or resold.

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