Complete Preparation For Wedding Party

Indeed, marriage is a very draining event attention. Wedding preparation wedding preparations generally takes at least about 8-12 months when everything is done alone.

If you do not have time for it, make use of services of wedding organizer or wedding planner that typically takes about 6-8 months. Actually, what the hell, that must be done in the wedding package?

A. Determining the date of marriage

Although essentially all of the day was good, nothing wrong with favorites include the date and month as the wedding date. This will allow you to remember and celebrate.

2. Determine the number of invitations and budget

Before determining a budget wedding, the first thing to do is determine the number of invitations, for being the most appropriate benchmark for determining the budget and the amount of room for parties.

By default the wedding Indonesia, set aside 40% of the total budget for catering purposes. The remaining 60% can you use for six major purposes, namely, building, and MC events, documentation, decorations, bridal Attire (wedding dress and bridal) as well as invitations and souvenirs.

3. Determine the building

Time to determine the location and building to be used. If you already decide on building a romantic one, but its capacity is not too big, divide the invitations in two different times. For example, 19:00 to 20:00 hours and 20:00 to 21:00 for a parent to your friends and couples.

4. Determine the style and theme of the party

For the sake of party harmony, you must determine the theme, so you and your partner can decide the wedding dress or wedding dresses, suits, and bridal makeup like that will apply during the party.

Combine the color of dress and decoration with the color that suits both your character. Style and the party usually will also appear on the menu of food, souvenirs and invitations.

5. Perform self-care

If the above are 4 important things to do, now is the time to do self-care ranging from scrubs, bath herb, facial treatments, and fitness center at the time of marriage to later perform excellent. Self-care is best done by the bride and groom so that they can perform excellent when the wedding was held.

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