10 Tips Planning a Wedding

Marriage is like a gateway to new life. To initiate a new step, of course, the wedding ceremony should be planned. The plan, which could be considered mature smooth day warranty H. But in addition to great things, do not forget the little things. For example, although the modern times, it would not hurt if you understand traditional marriage.

A. Do not plan a wedding without a budget. The most cause of stress when planning a wedding is usually the money. Make sure you determine how much of your wedding budget and who will contribute and how much. You have to think about wedding invitations, wedding decorations, and others.
2. Do not spend more than the budget you set, or from which you can afford. Your wedding day is a day that is important – but it’s just one day. A wedding or wedding reception, wedding decorations, etc. if you do not need fancy edges debt. You certainly do not want to start a new life with the debt and forced to repay the debt over the next five years, right? Suffice it simple (local capacity) in performing the marriage (wedding decorations, etc.).
3. Do not believe it at the wedding service providers greeting / wedding organizer (catering, or wedding makeup). Make a written agreement or plan.
4. Do not try to do everything alone. Planning a wedding can be a full-time job. So, do not try to do it alone-ask for help from others. If everyone is happy about the marriage help (so they were happy to let your mind become light).
5. Do not impose your own will and desires. Kompromilah to things that are not too important.
6. Do not skimp on photography. Your wedding day will pass quickly, and after the day ends, all that remains are memories and your photos.
7. Do not over every detail. You could lose the pleasure of the wedding planning process. The point is this, does it really matter if the ribbon to decorate the dining table, pink or pink?
8. Do not forget to thank all the people involved in the process of preparing your wedding and all that gives you a gift. And, do you thank samapai stale. Just send them a card or a thank you note after you receive a wedding gift.
9. Do not burden yourself with the day before your wedding. Do only one or two small tasks and try to relax and calm yourself.
10. Do not expect a perfect wedding ceremony. You can expect an exceptional day and the things that make sense. Do not forget, your main goal is to get married.

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