Kebaya Modern Clothing Care

Modern Kebaya is one of Indonesian national garments increasingly rapid development. Modern kebaya modern example, is made of materials and models today, many people think hard caring for Modern Kebaya.

But not as imagined, according to Marga Alam caring Modern Kebaya is not too difficult. This talented young designers give a few tips for your favorite Modern Kebaya treatments that are not easily broken, stretchy, and faded.

These Tips In summary:

1. Kebaya Modern does not always have to be washed after use, can be used 2-3 times. Kebaya Modern aerated enough.

2. If it is going to be washed, it’s good to pay attention to the ingredients. We recommend using a dry clean in your washing machine. Why dry clean? Because the option is safe for all types of Modern Kebaya, so it does not damage the original texture.

3. Do not hang Modern Kebaya that has been washed in the hot sun. Jemurlah a cool place, so that the color does not fade fast Modern Kebaya.

4. Do not spray perfume directly into Modern Kebaya. It will also damage the texture color at Modern Kebaya. Better to use perfume before you put on Kebaya Modern.

5. The way is very simple storage. Simply folded and not hung, especially for the many applications Kebaya Modern payetnya. Why is that? Because Modern Kebaya material mostly made ​​of elastic, if often hung eating the shoulder sequin will go down because of the weight.

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