Tips on How to Make Up Face Alone

Tips .. How do you own makeup and professional makeup and professional makeup course will be found? Let me not have to go to the salon and save. Let see

1. Apply toner and moisturizer
let me not be pimples because the dirt and buried due to the make-up, start with a clean face. From the neck can wear cleaners continue to use toner and moisturizer. This stage can make you more fresh faces

2. Wear foundation
foundation makeup and professional makeup professional course will be found or foundation can make your make up and colors blend perfectly. My advice ya choose foundation color that one level higher than the color of your skin.

3. Concealer
like I said earlier if the make-up can disguise or cover the lack of personal face with makeup course. Now the magic is on concealer! This magical tool can make your disguise eye bags, pimples, blemishes etc..

4. Eyeshadow
select personalized colors eyeshadow makeup course which can help the face look fresh and young. Colors to choose from including green, peach, purple, gold

5. Eyeliner
this ya that makes someone could says “Whoa you make up yak? ‘. My advice for a beginner to use a pencil only, although the liquid does give the impression of beautiful eyes and bigger. Eits but do not try to use a liquid eye liner again if rush

6. Blush on
select colored makeup natural course such as pink or peach blush can make you look thinner when worn behind the cheek bones

7. Lipstick and lip gloss
select a lipstick the same color or one level higher than the lip color. Avoid lip color too much contrast. Wear also gloss so lips look fresh also juicy .. Hmm

8.pensil eyebrows
trim eyebrow makeup course is OK.

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